With the U.S. News credit card guide, you can get access to resources that will help you find the best credit card for your needs. The guide offers advice for choosing the right credit card based on your credit score, existing card balances, rewards, interest rates and other factors.

You’ll find information on cards that earn rewards, allowing you to earn points, miles or cash back when you spend money on your credit card. With the right rewards program, you can earn hundreds back in rewards each year. Often, rewards credit cards offer sign-up bonuses worth hundreds just in the first three months.

Frequent travelers can learn about travel rewards cards, which offer miles or points that can be redeemed for travel. Often, travel credit cards earn a higher rate of rewards for travel expenses, and some earn cash back for your travel spending. Credit cards with no foreign transaction fee can be useful for frequent travelers, as these cards do not charge a fee for transactions made abroad.

In addition to earning rewards, you can learn about saving money with credit cards. U.S. News offers guides to low interest credit cards and cards with no annual fee. With low-interest credit cards, you can save on interest if you need to transfer or carry a balance. No annual fee credit cards offer the benefits of credit cards without the cost of an annual fee, and many offer rewards and low interest rates in addition to no annual fee.

Visit the U.S. News guide to credit cards to learn more about choosing the right credit card for your needs.

Story written by Rachel Baltazar 
Outreach Associate working with U.S. News & World Report